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2015-07-13 11:22:55 by Phoenix2001


New game coming soon

2013-12-05 22:23:17 by Phoenix2001

I have a new game coming's called Mallow Panic.


2013-11-26 18:13:19 by Phoenix2001

My game making program on my computer is working again.Soon i'll post a couple of games on Newgrounds and they'll be Awesome.

Games to come
1. Heroes of Earth
2. Ultra Kombat


2013-08-16 16:43:12 by Phoenix2001


Happy clock day !!!

2013-08-15 12:42:30 by Phoenix2001

Yay...clock day...woo.

Game Tournament

2013-08-13 20:17:55 by Phoenix2001

Whoever gets the highest score on Super Mario Crossover wins.Post your score as a comment to this post.Tournament ends
on August the 17th.
Rules: 1.Play till it's game over.
2.Make sure to post your score to this topic.
3.Do your best ( :

Someone stole my dog

2013-07-21 18:39:41 by Phoenix2001

When i woke up i realized my dog was gone. Everyone was looking for the dog. When my sister walked by a house, she heard a dog barking. It sounded like my dog. So she peeked through a hole in the fence and saw a guy stuffing dogs through a window. When i heard this i was ready to stab a fool. but this really sucks : [

Someone stole my dog

Pennies are useless

2013-07-20 22:51:32 by Phoenix2001

Pennies are pretty much useless. I mean really,without pennies the world would be the same. When was the first time you've ever used a penny. Until you can buy something with a penny,pennies are useless.

When my sister was playing CultClassic,she suddenly started getting all the medals just one after another.It was freaking weird.

If anyone reads this (which they won't) I need more a no one.